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Art at the Mas

The owner's grand parents were well known painters in Norway in the first half of the 20th century. Many of their paintings are exhibited in the house. And so the owner loves to offer his house to artists of all sorts as a residency. Over the years, many have worked here and some left some of their works :


- Paris Bercy : photographs of the old wine distribution center by Philippe Gautier

- The Bible Illustrated : woodcuts by Ornulf Ranheimsaeter, student of Olaf Willums

- Woodcuts, etchings and watercolours : Conrad Felixmüller German expressionist painter

- Photos and collages : - André Villers, famous French photographer and friend of Picasso's - Bruce Barnbaum, American photographer

- Portraits : Alekos Kondopoulos, Greek painter,friend of Chagall's

- Abstract paintings : - Alain Suby, French painter (Rome Prize) - Malène Schjoll, Danish painter - Jean Miotte, French painter - Michael Schulte-Hoeping, German painter - Jean Luc Guinaman, French painter

- Abstract tapistries : - Klairy Korelys, Greek painter (Picasso Prize)

- Watercolours : - Pia Schjoll, Danish painter

- Sculptures - Robert Hamon, French sculptor

- Posters - Charles Loupot, famous French graphic designer

- Julia Migley : English painter and senior lecturer of John Moores University, Liverpool

- Kjell Thorjussen : Norvegian painter

- Leda Massoura : Greek pianist

- Jörg Niebelschütz : German writer

- Richard Anders : German poet

- Shona Nunan and Michael Cartwright : Australian sculptors

- Peter Edge : English painter

- Anthony Reeves : English painter

- Daniel Gourdon : French pianist

- Teizo Ogaki : Japanese artist : 5 exhibitions in Japan "In the footsteps of Cezanne"


Mas des Graviers also actively supports the Cambodian painter : Sama

In October 2006, the workshop "7 artists - 7 days" , sponsored by John Moores University Liverpool in connection with the Centenary of Cézanne Research Project, brought together the following artists :


- Juilia Midgley as the initiator and coordinator www.juliamidgley.co.uk

- Jeanette Barnes jeanettebarnes@talktalk.net

- Brian Biggs bryan@bluecoatartscentre.com

- Adam Dant adamadant@aol.com

- Leo Duff www.kingston.ac.uk/drawing

- Anita Klein www.anitaklein.com

- Nigel Swift anitaklein@freeuk.com


Since 2009, Myriam Blundell, Canadian curator living in London, (www.myriamblundell.com), has selected and invited different artists to a residency at the Mas each springtime.


- Photographer G. Roland Biermann www.grolandbiermann.com

- Videoperformer Michaela Nettell www.michaela-nettell.com

- Painter Kim Baker www.kimbaker.co.uk



- Installation artist and painter Mark Mawxell www.maxxart.co.uk

- Composer and pianist Matti Bye www.myspace.com/mattibye

- Visual artist and film maker Chiara Ambrosio www.acuriousroom.com

- Painter Sarah Harvey www.sarahharvey.co.uk

- Photographer Robert Leslie www.leslieimage.com

- Installation artist Kirstie Macleod www.kirstiemacleod.co.uk

- Sound artist Tom Sedgwick www.soundcloud.com/tom-sedgwick

- Photographer Vivian van Blerk www.vivianvanblerk.com



- Photographer Bridget Baker www.bridgetbaker.co.za

- Curator Victoria Brooks www.theislandarts.org

- Sculpture Mike Cooter http://www.mikecooter.org

- Photographer Alexandra Hedison www.hedison.com



- Painter Robert Fry www.robertfrystudio.com

- Curator Nathalie Hambro www.hambro-art.com

- Artist Liane Lang www.lianelang.com

- Writer David Lida www.davidlida.com